Project Creation

3D Modelling

SketchUp for Schools
This browser-based version of the SketchUp modelling software includes a large library of existing components (doors, windows, furniture, etc.) and many materials options to make your designs look realistic. Great for creating complex models.
Grades 6-12

TinkerCAD (Online / Chrome App)
This very simple CAD (computer aided design) program is easy to learn and use. Drag and drop 3D shapes onto your build plane and combine them to make your model. Great for creating simpler models and for designing objects for 3D printing.
Grades 2-12 (Students under 13 require parent permission to create personal accounts. Teachers can create student accounts.)


Online Voice Recorder
A great choice if all you need is a quick sound recording. Audio files can be trimmed but not fully edited.
Grades PreK-12 (Youngest students will need adult assistance.)

Twisted Wave (Online Chrome App)
Twisted Wave is a browser-based audio editor that is available either as a Chrome App or online. Edit or record audio files up to 5 minutes in length.
Grades PreK-12 (Youngest students will need adult assistance.)

Beautiful Audio Editor 
This is a more powerful, multi-track audio editor. It allows you to layer voice and music tracks, add effects, and use envelopes to fade volume. Also available as a mobile app.
Grades 6-12

Flat (Online / Chrome App)
Flat allows you to write your own sheet music and hear it played by a variety of instruments. The program is also collaborative, allowing you to cowrite music with classmates or simply share you work with others digitally.
Grades 9-12 (Students must be age 13+ to create a personal account.)


Quickly and easily create flyers, posters, infographics, and more using Canva’s design templates and image library. You can also upload your own image files to use in your projects.
Grades 2-12

Pixlr Editor (Online / Chrome App)
Pixlr Editor is also a photo editing website and Chromebook app. It has fewer paint tools than SumoPaint and is not quite as simple, but it offers additional tools for retouching photographs including spot heal and red eye reduction tools.
Grades 6-12


Book Creator
Create your own books and add drawings, sound, images, comics panels and more. Publish and share your books online, or download them as ebooks. Free accounts allow the user to create 1 library and store up to 40 books at a time.
Grades K-12 (Parent permission is required for all students under 18.)

Google Tools
Your Google account offers a large number of tools for creating a wide variety of graphics and publications. Google Sites is a quick and easy way to build a website for your class project or school organization. Slides can be used to create much more than slideshows including flyers, e-books, and choose-your-path interactive stories. my Maps lets you add your own tags to a Google map and annotate them with captions, images and links. Tour Builder takes that idea one step further and guides the viewer through a series of locations in a particular order to recreate a story or journey.
Grades K-12

Piktochart (Online / Chrome App)
Piktochart helps you use visuals to quickly and powerfully communicate information. Create your own infographics with the help of “over 600 professionally-designed templates.”
Grades 4-12 (Students under 13 require parent permission to create an account.)

Use professional artwork as inspiration for your own original picture books, short stories, novels, and poems. Finished work can be read online or purchased as an ebook or print book.
Grades K-12 (Students under 13 require parent permission to create personal accounts. Teachers can create student accounts.)


“Advanced video-editing featuers make easy through a simple interface.” Free accounts allow you to store up to 1 GB and export up to 5 minutes of video monthly.
Grades 4-12 (Students under 13 require parent permission to create an account.)

“A lightweight screen recorder for Chrome. Capture, edit and share screencasts in seconds.” All files are stored in your Google Drive.
Grades PreK-12 (Youngest students will need adult assistance.)

Stop Motion Animator
“A simple tool for creating stop motion animation sequences using a webcam.”
Grades PreK-12 (Youngest students will need adult assistance.)

Virtual Reality

“Provides all the tools necessary to make, code and explore your own 3D creations, even in VR.” CoSpaces makes it easy to get started creating and provides lots of features for more sophisticated creators to explore. Login with Google.
Grades K-12