English Language Arts

General Websites

“CommonLit delivers high-quality, free instructional materials to support literacy development”
Grades 3-12

Purdue OWL
Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab provides a wealth of information about all kinds of writing, from tips on grammar and spelling, to proper citation formats, to customizing your writing style for a particular academic or business audience.
Grades 9-12

Read Theory
This website provides short passages paired with comprehension questions. The reading level of the passages will self-adjust based on how well students do on the quiz.
Grades 3-12

In addition to the wealth of teacher resources, this site provides a rich collection of student games and interactives for reading, writing, language, and literary analysis.
Grades K-12

Visual Writing Prompts
A collection of thought provoking images to get the writer’s ideas flowing. Topics range from silly (What happens when you put Nicholas Sparks, St. Nicholas, and Nicholas Cage together?) to issues that define and divide us (Do our devices draw us closer together or push us further apart?) Browse prompts by subject, genre of writing, or age range.
Grades 3-12

Whooo’s Reading
Reading comprehension quizzes that incorporate open ended questions and higher level thinking. Many titles have specific quizzes but there are general quizzes that can be applied for just about any book.
Grades 2-8

See the Reading Online, Research and Reference, Research Tools and Tips, and Video and Podcasts pages for additional resources.

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