Note: Grade ranges are suggestions based on the average content of a site. Especially when dealing with classical art, it is possible that not all content included on a website or YouTube channel is appropriate for our younger students.

Museum Websites

Google Arts & Culture
This project features “content from over 1000 leading museums and archives who have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute to bring the world’s treasures online.”
Grades PreK-12

The Art Institute of Chicago
Nearly 100,000 items from the museum’s collections are available to be viewed digitally. The My Collections section of the site lets older students (ages 13+ or written parent permission) “make your own art collections by selecting artworks and adding your own notes about the works.”
Grades PreK-12

The Getty
View digital images of over 140,000 items from the museum’s collections. Many of the images are free to download and use (with citation) under the Getty’s Open Content Program.
Grades PreK-12

The Indianapolis Museum of Art (at Newfields)
Over 20,000 objects from the museum’s collections are currently searchable and can be viewed digitally. The Deaccessioned Artworks section of the website is a fascinating glimpse into the decision making process that museums undergo when deciding whether or not to get rid of pieces that are in poor condition, of poor quality, or are seldom used to make way for the addition of new objects to the collections.
Grades PreK-12

General Websites

Pigments Through The Ages
This WebExhibit explores the history and science behind colors and the pigments that artists use to create them. The Look Closer section has a wealth of information about different techniques for examining artworks to learn about their history, the techniques used to create them, and even detect forgeries.
Grades 6-12

Art Interactives

Make an Animation
An easy to use animation making tool from ABCYa. Create up to 100 frames and export the finished movie as a GIF.
Grades 2-12

Drag and drop shapes to create your own portraits. Work in a style reminiscent of Pablo Picasso, or experiment to see how different you can make your artwork using only this set of shapes.
Grades PreK-12

Video and Podcasts

the Art Assignment
the Art Assignment is a regularly updated PBS Digital Studios YouTube Channel “hosted by curator Sarah Urist Green.” Sarah Urist Green is not only an art expert and Indianapolis local, she is part of the John Green and Hank Green family (Crash Course, Vlog Brothers, Pemberly Digital, etc.) so there’s some serious digital video expertise behind this project as well.
Grades 4-12

See the News and Current Events, Research and Reference, and Video and Podcasts pages for additional resources.

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