Symphony Websites

Dallas Symphony Orchestra – DSO Kids
Watch video of the orchestra, learn about the instruments, read about composers, and study the building blocks of music.
Grades K-8 (Older students can visit the symphony’s main site)

Games and Interactive Activities

Chrome Music Lab
This collection of Google Experiments lets you play around with sound. See sound waves made visible, create your own rhythms and melodies, and much more!
Grades K-12

Dot Mixer
Experiment with the science of sound by mixing samples of various instruments. Play with different tones and adjusting the volume and location of individual sounds. Created by the Exploratorium.
Grades PreK-12

Music Notes
Practice matching notes on a staff to the keys on a piano keyboard. Correct answers help you level up, while incorrect ones will cost you a life.
Grades 3-12

See the News and Current Events, Research and Reference, and Video and Podcasts pages for additional resources.

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