eLearning Tools

Assessment Tools – Quizzes, tests, and benchmarks made digital, easy to create and complete, and sometimes even fun!

Assistive Technology – Tools for making digital content more accessible for young children, English Language Learners, and students with special needs.

Collaboration Tools – Tools that allow many people to access and edit a file at the same time, or compile bookmarks, notes, or video responses from multiple people in one place.

Homework Help and Study Aids – Good sources for assistance and tools for review.

Interactive Presentations – Why talk at an audience (or class) when you can talk with them? These tools let you move seamlessly between sharing content and getting feedback and participation from the whole group.

Organization Tools – Calendars, note taking, reminders, concept mapping and more.

Project Creation – Links to many of the web’s best tools for creating audio, video, graphics, presentations and more!

Research Tools and Tips – Resources for planning your project, searching effecitively, analyzing sources, and making sure you use information responsibly.