The safety of all students is a HIGH priority! Therefore, we ask that you observe our guidelines for car rider pick-up and drop-off. If your student normally rides a bus, and you want him or her to miss the bus on a particular day, the student should submit a note signed by the parent/guardian indicating they are not to ride the bus. Please do not send this request via email or phone because there is no guarantee it will be seen or heard before dismissal. Notably, if a teacher is absent, the substitute would not have access to the teacher’s voicemail or email, so your message would not be retrieved. The car rider line is on the West side of the building. Under NO circumstance should you park at Door #1, the Main Office. The area at Door #1 is for emergency vehicles and school buses only. Should you need to come inside the building for any reason, you will need to park in a designated parking space.


Please remember that school starts promptly at 9:10am. Due to limited supervision and daily preparations, students MAY NOT enter the building until 8:55am and must remain in their car until a staff member comes outside to signal that it is time to enter. Please follow the car-rider line around the parking lot to ensure safety at all times. After 9:10am, students are considered tardy and must be brought in by a parent to Door #1 at the Main Office to sign in. Please do not park outside of Door #1. You will need to park in a designated parking space and walk your child into the building.


Dismissal is at 3:55pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.


All students must be picked up promptly at dismissal. Please stay inside your vehicle in the car rider line visible to staff. Cars will be directed in groups to the pick-up door and must remain stopped until directed to pull forward by staff. No cars will be permitted to move until all students are safely inside their car and the sidewalk is clear.

If you do not have a car rider tag, you will be asked for identification and it will need to be verified by office staff that you are eligible to pick up the student. You must be listed on the emergency card in order for us to release a student to you. If you need to request a car rider tag, please call the main office or send a note to your child’s teacher. Thank you for your cooperation in helping to keep all children safe!