In Kindergarten, 2nd, and 5th grade, our students take an ability measure as a part of our universal screener for the high ability program. Once the testing is completed, those scores are in Skyward under Test Scores. We use the percentile score to determine qualification for our high ability program. The criteria for the program is a 96th percentile or above. Below is a description of what the scores mean:

SAS=Standard Age Score (the average range is 85-115)
LPR=Local Percentile Rank (the average range is 25-75th percentile)

Verbal = is a composite of verbal reasoning ability tests. It is linked to reading in particular in the classroom.
Quantitative=is a composite of the application of math skills.
Nonverbal = is a composite of tests that rely less on language. It consists of things like patterns, sequencing, and problem solving.

An identification meeting is held in April for kindergarten, 2nd, and 5th grade in which identification decisions are made for the high ability program. Parents of qualified students will receive a ParentSquare message by the end of May telling them the area in which their student qualified. Score reports are not sent home, but if you would like a print out of your student’s testing scores, please email me at