1. Turn in off of Gray Road. If you only have a kindergartener, pull into the far left lane. If you have an elementary student and kindergartener, pull into the two right lanes. You will proceed south around the elementary parking lot.
  2. JGE/JGKA merge into one lane.
  3. Elementary staff will direct you to proceed to the Kindergarten Academy. JGKA staff member will read your car tag and radio into the building to get your child.
  4. At the Kindergarten entrance, please come to a complete stop and put your car in park. Staff will load your child into your car. Once ALL children are loaded safely, you will be released with the line of cars. Please stay in your car. Please be patient and wait for staff to signal when it is safe to pull away. NEVER try to move around another car.
  5. Exit safely out onto Gray Road.