Welcome to Rosa Parks Kindergarten Academy where your STAR can thrive! We are committed to growing students to be ready for first grade both academically and socially. Our school motto is Treat People Right & Do The Right Thing! We help students understand that living by these words will help them excel.

In every classroom, you’ll find a teacher and an assistant dedicated to learning about your child and tailoring instruction to meet his or her needs. We meet students where they are, set high expectations for their achievement, and differentiate instruction to support their growth.

Students enjoy art, music, physical education, library and computers too! We also help students understand the power of kindness, persistence, and self-regulation through our Second Step program. We celebrate our students as they reach our school goals through our FUZZY REWARDS program. This program along with our WE ARE LEADERS program help our students to develop wonderful habits of learning and leading that serve as the foundation for a successful school career.

Partnering with parents is a priority! We want to work with you to create the best learning environment for your child. We encourage parents to be involved in our building through Family Engagement Nights and volunteering. These opportunities throughout the school year allow your child to show off his or her school, provide ways to support your child at home, and build a strong school community. We want our families engaged and involved. Your child’s success is our mission!

At RPKA we are passionate about honoring our STARS and cultivating students that are ready for first grade and beyond!



  • Mascot: Stars
  • Individualized Instruction
  • Family Engagement Nights
  • Fuzzy Rewards Program
  • We Are Leaders Assemblies