The Compass Education Center is a satellite location for the two district high schools. We follow the same academic calendar as the rest of the Perry Township Schools. We follow the same policies as they are listed in the student handbook. Students are expected to keep good attendance and progress through their course. Students have the potential of earn at least five credits each quarter. Potential students are referred to the program by their home school administrative team.

Qualifying students are typically students who are deficient in their credits toward graduation. Prime students are seniors with 25 credits or less, juniors with 15 credits or less, and sophomores with 10 credits or less. When a student is referred to the program, the parent should contact Jennifer Brehob to set up an appointment with Tim Lovejoy and Acile Springer.


Direct students toward their individual paths created by a goal-oriented life.

The Compass Education Center program is designed to help students successfully complete requirements necessary to graduate high school, advance to post secondary education or vocational certifications, and skills training.


  • Caring
  • Compassion
  • Courage
  • Conviction