At Douglas MacArthur Kindergarten Academy, we strive to make our school a place where all of our students will grow. Our motto is “Grow Wise, Little Owls” and our staff works hard each day to grow our students to their fullest potential, both academically and socially. We proudly serve students from several varied backgrounds, ethnicities, and cultures. As you come in our front door, the word “Welcome” is listed in several languages and that is our goal. We want our school to be a place where everyone feels welcomed

We are a student-centered school, focused on what is best for our students. Our staff members work to ensure that students are given varied and unique monthly experiences to build vocabulary and background knowledge, which then helps with their reading. We are especially proud of the growth and achievements of our Little Owls over the past six years. Their growth each year in literacy and mathematics is amazing. We are proud to set the foundation for their future success at any of our elementary schools.


  • Mascot: Little Owls
  • School Dog named Kammie
  • Unique monthly experiences
  • WISE Owls recognized monthly
  • Strong community partnerships