The Glenns Valley School community works as an interactive team to provide a learning environment that prepares students to be responsible citizens and lifelong learners.


At Glenns Valley Elementary, we promise to create a learning community that fosters relationships and allows each student to feel valued, loved and safe. Through rigorous opportunities, students will develop critical thinking and problem solving skills that will allow them to seek and overcome challenges. Glenns Valley Eagles will own their learning, pursue their passions, and achieve their goals to build a successful life for themselves as contributing citizens of society.

We are a diverse school population representing the best our community has to offer. We currently have 5 sections per grade levels 1-5 and offer extra support in EL, special education and high ability. Our Eagles grow and Soar!

Our extracurriculars include Math Bowl, Spell Bowl, Robotics, Choir, Chimes, Art Club, Student Council, Running Club, Intramurals, and Wake-Up Club.

Our students participate in an incentive program where each child has a colored punch card. As they get caught doing great things, they get punches on their punch cards. As they turn in cards, they get prizes! When the whole school turns in enough of a color, the entire school wins! Our students also participate in monthly reading challenges where they are recognized and rewarded for extra time spent developing this important skill!



Glenns Valley, my dear Glenns Valley,
See her colors of blue and gold.
See the pictures and the good stories,
of the friendships, we’ve been told.
Oh Glenns Valley, my dear Glenns Valley,
we will love you, and love you true.
Glenns Valley eagles, we’ll soar above you,
Oh Glenns Valley, we’re all for you!


  • Mascot: Eagles
  • Established in 1908
  • School Wide Punch Card Incentive Program
  • Spell Bowl and Math Bowl Teams
  • YMCA Before and After School Program