The safety of students is our number one priority at Homecroft Kindergarten Academy. Please review our car rider guidelines to ensure that our students and families are safe at all times.


  1. All cars are required to have a car rider tag. If you do not have a car rider tag, you will be asked to provide identification that will be verified by the office staff. You must be listed on the emergency card in order for us to release a student to you. If you need a car rider tag, please come to our main office.
  2. If your child normally rides a bus, and you want him or her to be a car rider on a particular day, please submit a note signed by the parent/guardian indicating they will not ride the bus that day. Please do not send this request via email or phone call to the teacher because there is no guarantee it will be seen or heard before dismissal. Notably, if a teacher is absent, the substitute would not have access to the teacher’s voicemail or email, so your message would not be retrieved.
  3. AM drop off will begin no earlier than 8:55 am – school begins promptly at 9:10 am.
  4. PM pick up begins at dismissal once all of our buses have entered the bus lot at 3:55pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday**Wednesday is early dismissal at 3:30pm**

Car rider line for drop off and pick up will enter through our north west entry off of Southview Drive. To help with traffic flow and allow us to have a timely car rider drop off line, we ask that you do the following for AM and PM drop off and pick up:

  • Enter from Southport Road to Orinoco Drive.
  • Turn right on Southview Drive – Look for traffic cones and wait to be directed onto school lot.
  • Follow cones around to stopping point for unloading of students.
  • Cars must remain stopped when unloading students and until the sidewalk is clear.
  • Merge with other car line and exit out to Tulip Drive. Please take Tulip Drive to Shelby Street to avoid traffic congestion.

Thank you for following our car rider guidelines and keeping the safety of our students a number one priority!