Morning Drop-Off:

If you drive your child to school, we encourage you to use the car rider line in the morning and not walk your child to the building. The staff will come outside beginning at 8:46 and will unload cars until 9:04. We ask that you form a single file line and pull all the way up in the line as directed by staff. It is very important in the morning, that if you choose to walk your child into school, that you wait for the cars to pass by before crossing in the crosswalk and that you walk your child all the way to the building. Please do not stop traffic to walk across.

Afternoon Pick-Up:

Children will be assigned a number and will remain the same number during their duration at Mary Bryan Elementary. Cars are pulled up in a single file line, and children are loaded into the car by school staff on the passenger side only. All drivers are expected to remain in their vehicles. If a driver needs to assist with buckling their child, we ask that you pull to the front of the line to assist your student. Cars on the west side of the parking lot nearest the ball fields will be in two lines and will take turns on the south side of the parking lot to form one line.