To get students thinking about the upcoming ILEARN assessments, and to have a little fun, this week we will be having an ILEARN Spirit Week.  The attached document outline the theme for each day and what student can wear.  To help with student questions, I will also be discussing the theme for each day all this week on announcements and every day next week as well.

Also, we will be ILEARN testing on the following dates.  It is very important that students are present on testing days and that they are not late.  Your child’s best chance to do their best on ILEARN is for them to take the assessments with a teacher they know and are comfortable with.  Being absent requires students to make up the assessments on non-testing days which not only pulls them out of their core academic classes, they may be taking the assessment with someone that are not familiar with.  We appreciate your help in getting your child here on testing days.

PMA ILEARN Testing Days:
Tuesday, April 16
Thursday, April 18
Friday, April 19
Monday, April 22
Tuesday, April 23
Thursday, April 25
Friday, April 26

ILEARN Spirit Week