PMA is divided into 7 teams. Each team has an equal number of Language Arts/Social Studies teachers and Math/Science teachers.

Team Encore

Name Title/Position Phone Room
Stephanie Cole
Math/Science 317-789-1369
John Collins
Math/Science 317-789-1367
Samantha Coakley
LA/SS 317-789-1375
Cattina Memmer
LA/SS 317-789-1376

Team Acclaim

Name Title/Position Phone Room
Josh Borders
Math/Science 317-789-1358
Kelly Swisher
Math/Science 317-789-1359
Seth Bruner
LA/SS 317-789-1395
Courtney Gallagher
LA/SS 317-789-1394
Emily Tredway
Special Education 317-789-1374
Tracie McClarney
Special Education 317-789-1377

Team Ovation

Name Title/Position Phone Room
Drew McGary
Math/Science 317-789-1381
Jen Ruotanen
Math/Science 317-789-1380
Maggie Eisenbarth
LA/SS 317-789-1379
Shannon Powell
LA/SS 317-789-1378

Team Accolade

Name Title/Position Phone Room
Kristen Perry
Math/Science 317-789-1357
Destiny Moore
Math/Science 317-789-1385
Cathy Wessel
LA/SS 317-789-1370
Kiley Stiller
LA/SS 317-789-1383

Team Bravo

Name Title/Position Phone Room
Patty Epkey
Math/Science 317-789-1387
Emily Lahay
Math/Science 317-789-1387
Pam Hendrickson
LA/SS 317-789-1389
Aspen Lovejoy
LA/SS 317-789-1388

Team Prestige

Name Title/Position Phone Room
Darla Maillet
Math/Science 317-789-1365
Gabby Meredith
Math/Science 317-789-1366
Lee Killey
LA/SS 317-789-1363
Melissa Vaught
LA/SS 317-789-1364

Team Kudos

Name Title/Position Phone Room
Barrie Hooton
Math/Science 317-789-1316
Angie Boyer

Outer Limits

Name Title/Position Phone Room
BJ O'Connor
Physical Education 317-789-1323
Angela Mullis
World Cultures 317-789-1360
Sandy Adams
Art 317-789-1397
Traci Paswater
PLTW 317-789-1390