Pick-up & Drop-off


  • If you will be dropping off your student in the morning, please do so as close to 7:45 am as possible.  At 7:45 am any students that has been dropped off, and any dropped off after 7:45 am, will report to our IMC to wait until the bell rings at 8:00 am.  All students dropped off before 7:45 am will be unsupervised.
  • When dropping off your student please pull as far forward as possible (even if that takes you past the doors) so that traffic does not back up onto Meridian Street.  Also, please do not park in the traffic lanes.  If you will be waiting with your student until the doors open please do so in a parking spot.
  • If you have students at both the Academy and Middle School you can drop all off at one building and the students can then walk to their appropriate building.
  • When dropping off students in the morning you must enter and exit the PMA parking lot using Meridian Street.  For the safety of all, please observe the posted No Left Turn sign.  It is enforced by Township Security.


  • All car-riders and walkers must report to the gymnasium at dismissal.
  • The line for car-rider pick up begins at the gate.  Parents will be allowed to enter the bus lot and pick up their students when all the busses have left the lot.  On a daily basis this will be at approximately 3:05.
  • Any student walking home must have a signed walker’s permit on file with the office.  They will be released to walk home when the car-riders are released from the gym.

The School Bus Lot is off limits to traffic and parking from 7:00am to 3:30pm daily.