Southport Middle School, 5715 S Keystone Ave, Indianapolis, IN, 46217, is located two miles south of I-65 and Keystone Avenue intersection on the southside of Indianapolis.

The Southport Middle School building and the Southport 6th Grade Academy are located on the same campus. Southport Middle School’s entrance is Door #3, while the Academy’s entrance is Door #1.



Improved Academic Achievement for All Students


Southport Middle School’s mission is to empower our learners with the skills and integrity necessary to make a positive impact in their communities.


Southport Middle School will create an environment of high academic performance and social development for all students. This will be achieved by a visionary staff through innovative and creative approaches to instruction, proven teaching strategies, use of time, and assessments. Reading, writing and problem solving skills will be the primary focus for improvement. Physical, social, and emotional well-being will be promoted as well. Citizenship, character education, and community service will be the foundation of each student’s social development.

Southport Middle School will create an environment of partnership and collaboration among students, parents, community, and staff. Each person will be an integral member of the community through a variety of opportunities and activities.

Southport Middle School will model lifelong learning by being an education resource center for all members of the community.


In order to measure our progress and to be accountable to our school community, we must set specific goals, assess our performance, be accountable for our results, adjust our strategies as necessary, and celebrate the achievements of our students and staff.


View the school snapshot from the Indiana Department of Education