Students who plan on attending winter athletic events in the South Gym and other middle school winter athletic here are some guidelines and expectations for student spectators:

  • All students must be wearing your school ID to get in for free. No exceptions. No I.D. will need to pay $5 for middle school events.
  • Your primary purpose is to cheer for your team & be respectful to our opponents, officials, and other fans.
  • This means — no foul/inappropriate language; no horseplay (ex: throwing food, leaving your trash for another to get etc…) and no gestures of disrespect to any of your classmates, competitors, & visitors.
  • There will be a zero tolerance policy for any of those items. Administration will ask that you go sit by the adult that you are accompanied with or to sit in the concessions area and contact your guardian to leave for the evening.
  • Further consequences may be determined by administration.
  • You may enjoy watching the competition from the student section, which is now located in the balcony; unless accompanied by your parent/guardian.
  • You may get up out of the stands during natural breaks in the competition (i.e. during halftimes and/or game changes etc…)
  • This means you may use the restroom or go to the concession stand during those natural breaks. Any other time you will need permission from the supervising administrator during middle school events.
  • You will clean up after yourself and try to leave the gym better than you found it.
  • You will communicate with your parent/guardian the appropriate pick-up time as communicated through the PA Announcement. ○ For home basketball games the pick-up time is 7:30


SMS Students with IDs 

  • Must arrive with paying adult
  • Enter though NW corner of fieldhouse
  • Scan ID at the gate
  • Head upstairs to their seat
  • Parent of SMS student must be present at the fieldhouse

SMS Students without IDs 

  • Student must purchase ticket at ticket booth
  • Enter through NW corner of the fieldhouse
  • Head upstairs to their seat
  • Parent of SMS student must be present at the fieldhouse

SMS Student with ID, without money and no parent/guardian 

  • Student calls parent and asks them to bring ID/money to the game
  • Student sits in a folding chair on the gym floor in the NW corner of the fieldhouse
  • Student waits there until parent arrives with ID/money
  • Student follows procedures above for admission
  • Parent of SMS student must be present at the fieldhouse
SHS seating map