What Can Parents Do To Help Their Children Succeed?

Southport High School strives to have EVERY student succeed and to prepare ALL students for the next phases of their lives.  It takes a collaborative effort from the school, students and parents in order to attain these goals.  As parents, listed below are a few things that YOU can do to help your child:

  • Attendance is key!  Help get your child to school on time every day.
  • Engage your child in two-way conversation.
  • Show an interest in your child’s education by asking how his or her day at school went.
  • Monitor homework and overall progress at school (communicate with staff members and visit the Skyward student management program).
  • Praise effort and hard work, not ability and talent.
  • Ask your child if he or she needs extra help.  You can work with SHS guidance counselors to help find support for your child.
  • Read and tell stories to your child, even if it is short newspaper articles, magazine stories, etc.
  • Send the message that education is a lifelong pursuit and encourage your child to think about education and training after high school.

Who to Contact for Assistance

Topic Contact Phone #
Address Changes Guidance 317-789-4861
Alumni President Mr. R. Elkins 317-903-4214
Athletic Booster Club Athletic Office 317-789-4893
Athletic Office Ms. N. Givens 317-789-4893
Attendance Mrs. D. Galbreth 317-789-4820
Book Rental Treasurer’s Office 317-789-4831
Bullying Hotline 317-789-4880
Central Nine Info Guidance  – Mrs. Bender 317-789-4864
Class Rank/GPA Guidance 317-789-4867
College Info/Scholarships Guidance 317-789-4867
Enrolling at SHS Guidance 317-789-4867
Extended illness/Homework Teacher’s voicemail
Free/Reduced Lunch Mrs. L. Jenkins 317-789-4845
Graduation Requirements Guidance 317-789-4867
Lockers Main Office 317-789-4801
Lost and Found Student Services Office 317-789-4817
Lost Schedule Guidance 317-789-4867
Newspaper Mr. M. Klopfenstein 317-789-4827

Mrs. T. Chupp

Mrs. B. Mendez



PTSA Ms. N. Givens 317-789-4893
Scheduling Problems Guidance 317-789-4867
School Bus Problems Transportation 317-789-6220
Student Wellbeing Concerns Mrs. J. DePalma 317-789-4895
Summer School Guidance 317-789-4867
Transcripts Guidance Office 317-789-4867
Withdrawing from SHS Guidance 317-789-4867
Work Permits Main Office 317-789-4801
Yearbook Mr. S. Hanley 317-789-4846


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