A wide range of activities is available to students through which they can pursue and develop their individual interests and skills. All organizations are periodically reviewed to determine if they are continuing to maintain the criteria required:

  1. An organization must serve a need not already met by an existing organization.
  2. An organization must be educationally sound.
  3. An organization must have a faculty sponsor.
  4. An organization must have a constitution.
  5. All actions of an organization are subject to administrative approval.

A student may hold more than one office simultaneously in one year in all other organizations. A potential candidate for any office, however, should weigh carefully the demands of the office, his/her school schedule, and other responsibilities before running. If a student feels that holding an office will jeopardize his/her best effort in any area, then he/she should not run. If a student holding an office fails to meet its obligations, the sponsor may replace him/her.

The American Sign Language Club provides an opportunity for students, faculty, staff and parents to learn American Sign Language (ASL) to facilitate communication with students who are deaf or hearing impaired. Initially, the objective will be to introduce sign language that will serve as “Sign Language for Survival”, with the eventual goal of developing conversation skills in American Sign Language. Members will have an opportunity to experience what it is like to be deaf through operating various devices used to adapt to sound, like the telephone, doorbell, alarm clock and baby cry light.

Best Buddies is dedicated to creating opportunities for one-to-one friendships for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).  Students are paired up with a Students are paired up with a “buddy” and regular interactions and monthly outings help foster that friendship.

The Booster Club is for anyone interested in promoting positive school spirit in high school. A president, vice president, secretary and treasurer are elected as officers of the club by the student body. It is the purpose of the club to boost all school activities, to organize the homecoming and pep sessions, to promote athletic events, and to cooperate with school officials in arranging varied school activities for the betterment of the high school at large. Officers are determined each spring through an application and interview process.

The Lacrosse Club is available for interested male and female students.  The club practices and competes during the spring season.  In order to participate, students are required to complete appropriate paperwork, including physicals.

The Cardinal Cadre’s primary purpose is to promote general public relations as official hosts and hostesses of our school. In this capacity, students serve as tour guides to visiting students and adults, ushers for auditorium activities, serve as information resources for Southport High School and liaisons between administrators or faculty and guests to our school. Members are selected through an application process. Applicants are evaluated on previous experiences, availability to serve, poise, personality, general appearance, scholastic standing, attendance and punctuality, communication skill, trustworthiness, ability to get along with others, and overall attitude. Cadre members must be good role models and outstanding representatives for Southport High School. A GPA of 2.5 is required upon selection and must be maintained.

The Dance Team is an opportunity for all students to show off their Cardinal pride.  Students must try-out to be a member of the SHS dance team.  The dance team supports the boys’ and girls’ basketball teams in the winter and pumps up the crowd with their energetic hip hop/contemporary dance routines and steps.  They also perform at local universities and competitions.

Dance Team Information

The Drama Club exists to create opportunities for students to participate in live theatre after school. Each year a Fall Musical, Tea With a Princess, Student-Written and Directed One-Acts, and a Spring Play are fully produced by students and sponsors.


Founded in 2005, FRC team 1529, the CyberCards, is a 37-person family who is passionate about their vision; inspiring students from grades K-12 to become STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) leaders in their community by engaging them in a program where students learn and apply the practical skills needed to succeed in higher education and the workforce.

Southport Robotics Commercial


Green Earth Society is the environmental awareness club for Southport High School. Students are invited to join each year to collaborate on school projects.

The guitar club is open to all students, faculty and staff, and meets after school on Tuesdays starting in mid-August.

New members learn how to read music and play chords, and all participants learn and perform music of many styles together.   Videos and music theory lessons add variety to the sessions.

For the 21/22 school year the club will start performing in conjunction with Fine Arts Department events.

The International Club is open to any student interested in learning more about the world languages and the international communities and their customs. Activities include meetings, dances, plays, games, singing, visits to local restaurants, etc.  Topics are chosen by the club members.

Key Club is a student-led, high school organization sponsored by Kiwanis International.  High school student members of Key  Club perform acts of service in their communities, such as cleaning up parks, collecting clothing, and organizing food drives.  They also learn leadership skills by running meetings, planning projects, and holding leadership positions at the club, district and international levels.  Southport’s Key Club is sponsored by the Kiwanis Club of Perry Township.

The Southport Chapter of the National Honor Society was organized in 1945. Membership is based upon scholarship, character, leadership, and service. Students may be selected for membership in their junior or senior year. The criteria for membership are as follows:

I. Scholarship: Grade Average: 3.6 or above (3.7 or above effective 2022-2023 school year)

II. Character: Personal Assessment Evaluations average of 4.0: (based on a 1-5 scale)) completed by SHS staff

III. Leadership and Service: The Candidate:

  1. Has held or holds active membership in school clubs, organizations, sports, or other extracurricular activities and/or community-related services.
  2. Not only successfully holds school offices or positions of responsibility but displays leadership qualities commensurate with the position held.
  3. Demonstrates reliability and dependability.
  4. Displays leadership qualities in the classroom, the school, or in community activities.
  5. Inspires positive behavior in others, whether as a leader or a member, and
  6. Exemplifies positive attitudes.

Membership is an honor bestowed upon a select group of students, and final approval of the candidates for membership is made by the Faculty Council on behalf of the administration and the school faculty.

The Pride Alliance Club supports the instructional goals of increasing student achievement by helping to insure that all students are in a safe learning environment, embracing changes in society proactively, and involving students and staff in another facet of the cultural diversity of the Southport High School community. The purpose of the club is to provide an avenue and source of information and discussion for students and staff concerning GLBT persons and GLBT issues. Meetings will be conducted in an atmosphere of mutual respect, with a positive tone, encouraging cultural diversity and competency, and maintaining confidentiality.

The SHS Riley Dance Marathon is a student led fundraising organization that raises money year round for Riley Hospital for Children.  Students can be involved on many levels including Director positions, Committee member positions or participate as a dancer on the day of the Dance Marathon.  The dance marathon is held annually every April.  Meetings are generally on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of every month.  Follow the SHS RDM on social media for updates!

Twitter: @rdmshs

Facebook: RDMSHS

Instagram: rdmshs

RDM Video

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Info coming soon.

Spell Bowl contestants are given a list of words to study at the beginning of the season, which runs from August to early November. At the main competition, each speller is given 9 words, and attempts to spell them correctly (on paper, not out loud). The teams in the state who spell the most words correctly qualify to compete in the state contest on Purdue’s campus.

Info coming soon.

Student Council fosters good school citizenship, promotes worthwhile extracurricular activities, strengthens student-faculty relations, cultivates school spirit, and encourages positive student life in accordance with the philosophy of Southport High School. We stress the importance of good communications between the council, student body and instructional staff. The Council provides a representative voice for students and gives the opportunity to plan and manage many school events.

To participate in the White River Academic League, students must think fast and answer quickly and accurately. The competitions run from September through March. The White River team is sanctioned by the Indiana Association of School Principals. There is no curriculum and questions may come from any realm of knowledge. Membership is open to all grade levels. Students are rarely “cut” from this team and substitutes are common from quarter-to-quarter of play. Toss-up questions, bonus questions and minute rounds make up each match.

Students and teachers practice yoga together to improve flexibility, strength and mental calmness. Meditation is also practiced, along with promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Young Life invites young people to experience life as God designed it to be designed! You do not have to have a faith background to participate in Young Life. We provide fun events to connect with your peers and find community at Southport and Perry Meridian High School. We also meet after school on Tuesdays in Mr. Johnson’s room.

Follow us on Instagram @younglifesouthsideindy to learn more!


  • August 10: Club at YMCA
  • August 17: Campaigners at The Johnsons
  • August 24: Club at YMCA
  • September 7: Campaigners at The Johnsons
  • September 14: Club at YMCA
  • September 21: Campaigners at The Johnsons
  • September 28: Club at YMCA
  • October 5: Campaigners at The Johnsons
  • October 19: Club at YMCA
  • October 26: Campaigners at The Johnsons
  • November 3-5: Fall Camp
  • November 9: Club at YMCA
  • November 16: Campaigners at The Johnsons
  • November 30: Club at YMCA
  • December 7: Campaigners at The Johnsons
  • December 14: Christmas Party