Founded in 1922, the Southport Journal is the official newspaper for Southport High School. The purpose of the school paper is to give a clear and true picture of Southport to students, parents, and all other patrons of the school. All material published must be well-written, truthful, and unbiased. Under no circumstances does the paper accept gossip or rumor that may be harmful or detrimental to pupils, teachers, or the school. The Southport Journal is written and edited by members of the journalism classes. All first-year journalism pupils are reporters for the school paper; however, any pupil in the school may submit contributions to be considered for publication. The editorial board, composed of advanced journalism pupils, fills all major positions on the paper and makes all arrangements for positions as they demonstrate specific skills in writing, editing, graphics, design, photography, advertising, business management, and desktop publishing. The business staff is responsible for selling ads, circulation, and bookkeeping. The paper has a 100% circulation in the school and goes to every teacher, advertiser, and many other schools throughout the United States. The paper is sold to outside subscribers for $5.00 per year. If mailed, added postage of $5.00 makes a total subscription price of $10.00. The paper is a member of the National Scholastic Press Association, Indiana High School Press Association, Columbia Scholastic Press Association, Great Lakes Press Association, and Quill and Scroll.



The Cardinal yearbook, first produced in 1924, annually presents a pictorial and written representation of Southport’s yearly events and achievements. In addition, it provides a visual record of the entire faculty and student body as they are engaged in their varied activities throughout the school. The Anchor staff is composed of members from the sophomore, junior, and senior classes and is responsible for all facets of the yearbook’s production – writing, editing, graphics, design, photography, advertising, business management, and desktop publishing. Eligibility for membership is determined by application in the spring of the year for the major posts of editor-in-chief, assistant editor, and editors of the sports, activities, academics, album, and advertising sections. Appointment to all positions is determined by the skills, interest, enthusiasm, and willingness to work of the applicants. Recommendation by student’s English teacher is required for entry in the class unless student has successfully completed Introduction to Journalism Class.


To alert parents about school activities and to encourage support or participation, The Journal staff publishes News Bureau. Please visit the Southport High School Publications website.