Posted on September 27th, 2022 in Announcements, Featured, News, Scrolling News Bar

Title 1 Family Engagement World Culture Night

Who: All Students and Families of SMS and SA are welcome and encouraged to attend

Where: SMS South Gym (Enter Door 6 at the south end of campus)

What: A Night to celebrate with families the variety of cultures present and provided in our school as well as to engage families in the academic progress of their students

When: Wednesday, October 26, 2022 6:30-7:45

Why: To have a night of celebration and immerse families into the educational experiences of their student(s)

What We’ll Have: Tables throughout the gym with families rotating to each one and learning about different cultures. Some of the cultures include: Chin/Burmese, Countries of Africa, Central and South America, Mexico, Spain, Israel, France, Germany, and Japan. These tables will include information and fun facts about each culture, small activities, snacks, clothing and artifacts, and even some music. Each family will get a “passport book” to design and get stamped along their journey through the gym.

Academic Piece: There will also be a couple academic tables where staff will be present to inform families about their student’s current academic progress this year as well as give the students a chance to reflect on their year so far and set any goals that they would like to set for the second quarter and beyond.

Who Will Be Involved: SMS and SA staff and students will help plan and attend the evening, SMS Student Council, SA Ambassadors, and More

Come and Enjoy a Night of World Culture With Us!