Band and Orchestra Enrollment

6th grade music enrollment will happen at the beginning of the 2022-2023 school year. 

Welcome Information!

Dear Southport Academy Parents,

We are excited to have your students enrolled in band and orchestra at Southport Academy next year! We have a few videos for you to watch that should give you all of the information you need to get your student started in his/her musical experience.

Thank You,

MRS. KOSCH, Mr. Humphries, Mr. Hulfachor, and Mr. Ciesielski





Reserve Instrument Rental and Supplies

Follow the link below to reserve your instrument now for band or orchestra. Paige’s Music is our preferred music instrument dealer who will deliver the instrument to school for you, where it will be ready and waiting for your student when school begins.

Welcome to Paige’s Music

Click for the Paige’s Music Introduction Video

Paige’s Music Introduction in Chin

We make it easy for you to provide your child with the best chance to succeed in school music. We do this by renting, selling and servicing teacher-approved band and orchestra instruments.


3 Easy Steps To Get Your Debut Beginning Rental

STEP 1: Complete A Rental Package Application

You can do this at your school instrument display night, on our website, or in our store in Indianapolis.

STEP 2: Your instrument is delivered to your school.

Your instrument, accessories, and all of your supplies for class are delivered to your student’s school with their name tag attached, reserved just for them.

STEP 3: Make Monthly Payments

Rent your instrument until you own it, or return it, it’s up to you. You can return at any time or exchange to another instrument. 100% of all your payments will apply towards ownership.

Rent Online Now

Video Guide for Renting


Contact Information

Band – Mrs. Rejeana Kosch –

Band – Mr. Shawn Humphries –

Orchestra – Mr. Shawn Hulfachor –

Orchestra – Mr. Patrick Ciesielski –