It is crucial that you communicate with Southport Academy when your student is not in attendance, whether it is planned or unplanned. There are several ways you can get in contact with our office:

  1. You can leave a voicemail on the S6A Attendance Hotline [317-789-1402] at any time. If you need translation assistance, you can call 317-789-3784 with attendance information.
  2. You can email Student Services at any time.
  3. You can use your Skyward account to “Add Absence Request”  at any time.

If you call or email, please include your student’s name, parent/guardian name, date of absence, as well as a return phone number in case we need to reach you.  If you do not contact S6A before 9:15AM, you will receive an automated attendance call/text informing you of your students absence via Parent Square. Please do not contact your student’s teacher(s), counselors, etc. to report an absence as this could delay the message the attendance office would need to receive to create a pass for a student.

Additionally, if a student is at school and starts to feel unwell, they will need to report to the nurse’s office. If the student would then need to go home, the clinic will contact the parent and/or guardian directly for pick up. If you are receiving emails and/or text messages from your student, please encourage them to go to the clinic. We want to keep our students in a learning environment providing they are well.


  1. Login to Skyward
  2. Open the Main Menu and select correct student if you have multiple students in PTS
  3. Select Attendance
  4. Select Absence Requests
  5. Select Add Request
  6. Select date(s), all day or times, reason from drop-down (vacation, dr. appt, ill, or funeral), and add comments

To change your login or password information in Skyward

  1. Log into Skyward Family Access 
  2. Select the ‘My Account’ link in the upper right corner next to your name
  3. Click on the ‘Change Password’ or ‘Change Login’ button on the right side
  4. Enter the requested information
  5. Click ‘Save’ to finalize the change

If you do not know your login and/or password, click on the Forgot your Login/Password? link on the Skyward Family Access login page.

For questions regarding Skyward Family Access, absences, or how to report an absence, please email Student Services Reception.