• 2.5 million high school and middle school students currently use e-cigarettes.
  • Of those currently vaping, more than 1 in 4 use e-cigarettes daily.
  • The most commonly used device type is disposables.
  • Almost 85% use flavored e-cigarettes.

Source: 2022 NYTS Results

  1. Sweet scents: Many vaping products are flavored with fruity and other sweet scents. Recall if you ever smelled an unusual scent around the house.
  2. Strange devices: Vapes come in many forms but often look like USB flash drives or other writing utensils like pens, markers, etc. Additionally, most vapes require batteries or chargers. You may notice unfamiliar charging devices around the house.
  3. Increased water intake: Ingredients in vapes can cause dehydration. If you notice your student is drinking more water, this could be a sign they are dehydrated.
  4. Nosebleeds or Coughing: Other physical signs your student is vaping is a lingering cough or shortness of breath. Nosebleeds can also occur due the dehydrating chemicals in vapes.
  5. Mood Swings: Using substances like nicotine can have negative effects on the developing brain. A student who vapes may experience anxiety, irritability or performance changes.

Source: Zeptive & Nebraska Medicine