GPS Bus Tracking

My Stop GPS Bus Tracking System

Perry Township Schools is working with My Stop to provide GPS tracking information on our K-12 buses and give families more exact information about when their child’s bus will arrive.

Parents/Guardians must log into the system with a district-provided account, and can only see tracking information for their own children’s bus routes. At this time access to the app is only available to the guardian listed first in the “Family 1” section of Skyward. This person must have both a phone number and email listed in Skyward for their “My Stop” account to be created.

The parent/guardian User Name is same as their Skyward login, and the password is the ten digit phone number listed for the student’s primary guardian. The password is written as numbers only – no spaces, no punctuation.

  • This system cannot be used to track Summer School or JumpStart buses.

Download the My Stop How-To Page

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