In cooperation with the building principals, we assist in hiring special education staff, and maintain certification records for all certified Perry Township Special Education staff.

Case Conferences

Our building staff participates in annual case conferences, initial case conference, change of placement case conferences, manifestation determination case conferences, and other requested case conferences throughout the year.

Parental Rights

The Procedural Safeguards (commonly referred to as “Parent Rights”), may be obtained at our District Special Education Office, at the schools, or you can reference them on-line at Indiana Department of Education, Division of Exceptional Learners.


Record Keeping

Each special education student will have a psychological evaluation and from that, an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) is written. Our office maintains copies of these records for the benefit of teachers, psychologists, and other school personnel who may assist with supports for a special education student. Each student’s IEP is updated and rewritten on an annual basis by the student’s Teacher-of-Record.

Testing and Referral

Referrals are generated at the individual school sites for students that are currently enrolled and attending one of our public schools. Our office assists in the referral process for parochial and non-public school students.

The referral process for a student attending our public schools is as follows:

  1. The parent voices concerns to the child’s teacher and asks for a conference.
  2. In an attempt to provide support and building resources to assist the student in becoming  successful academically, behaviorally, and/or socially, a student may be referred to the Building Intervention Team (BIT Team).
  3. The BIT team may write and implement a plan to help the student be successful.  The team may also reevaluate the plan, periodically, to gauge it’s effectiveness. Changes may be made at this time, or a referral may be initiated.
  4. After a referral has been signed, the child will be tested, and a conference will be held within the time allocated by Article 7.

Services for Special Education students include:

  • Consultative Support – special education teachers consult with the general education teachers, no direct pupil support.
  • Support in Gen Ed Classrooms – special education teachers or instructional aides directly assist students in the general education class per their IEP services.
  • Resource – ‘pull out’ services – student serviced in the resource room, with students eligible for special education services.
  • Self – Contained classroom – students in a general education classroom less than 40% of the time.
  • RISE Learning Center placement – this placement option is a placement decision by the case conference committee.

Article 7

The law governing special education in the state of Indiana can be read in it’s entirety by linking to the following website:



Local and Statewide Assessments

All students in Perry Township,3-8 grade, with the exception of the most severe disability areas, now participate in the ILEARN testing, as mandated by the Indiana Department of Education to comply with (ESSA) Every Student Suceeds Act. Those students that meet mandated criteria, the IAM assessment may be conducted, in lieu of the ILEARN, determined by a case conference committee decision. Teachers receive yearly training to conduct the IAM assessment. Students in 3rd grade are also assessed using I-READ testing.  In addition, all schools use various assessments to monitor on-going student progress in order to provide mastery feedback, aiding teachers in developing appropriate instruction for each student.

Other Special Education Services:

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