To all parents and students:

The mission of the school police department is to ensure a safe environment through prevention and deterrence. It is our desire to assure that those who wish to learn are unencumbered from doing so by being able to concentrate on their school work, not their safety. A few of the ways we achieve this are:

Full-time officers in each of our secondary schools. Additionally we have roving officers that cover the elementary and administrative buildings.

Video surveillance at many locations, inside and outside, to provide additional visual coverage and documentation of events.

All perimeter doors are locked at all times with a couple of exceptions. Main entry doors are open from 7am to 4pm for your convenience. These are monitored by office personnel. Student entry doors are open from 7am to 9am and monitored by staff. After hours events (like sports and music) have specific doors open and are designated and monitored as needed for that activity.

Use of drug dogs and other detection devices are employed routinely.

Traffic lights are controlled before and after school where there are known congestion issues.

Busses are monitored and many now have video recording equipment as well as GPS tracking. Of course they all have radio communication that is monitored by on duty officers.

It is our intention that you succeed as well as enjoy your educational experience at Perry Township Schools. If you have any concerns, questions, comments or suggestions please feel free to contact me.

David Stalcup, School Police Chief, Perry Township
317-789-3926 office