Internet & Equipment

Internet and Filtering

We operate a 4gb/sec Internet connection that feeds to all of our school buildings.

All traffic is identified by user and filtered appropriately. Any student using one of our devices or their own personal device on our network is identified and monitored. Student accounts are not allowed access to social media websites such as Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

School provided take home devices (like High School Chromebooks) utilize the same filtering on any network in the world as they do here. They have the same level of access and tracking anywhere they go.

What Devices are Used?

In our classrooms, a variety of technology is available for our students’ use.

K classrooms each have 10 touchscreen mobile devices.

1-8 Classrooms participate in our at school 1:1 program. Each student is assigned a Chromebook they can utilize at any time throughout the school year depending on the curriculum.

9-12 students utilize a mix of our 1:1 take home Chromebook program and computer labs.