Sixth grade art is a hands on, multimedia class that reviews the elements of art while incorporating cross curricular connections. Students will develop technical skills in drawing, painting, art history, and the importance of maintaining a sketchbook. Art is taken by all students for one quarter.


We will focus on the 3 Elements of fitness every day. They include muscular strength, cardiovascular endurance, and flexibility. We will introduce your child to a variety of different sports, games, and activities that can keep them active throughout their lifetime. Physical education is taken by all students for two quarters.



World Cultures is a 9 week class designed to expose students to a variety of cultures: Mexico, France & Germany. Students will gain greater awareness of where and how different people from around the world. Learning will focus on the interactions of government, religion, economy, foods, traditions, etc. gaining a comprehensive view of the world we inhabit. World Culture is taken by all students for one quarter.


This course provides students opportunities to apply the engineering design process to creatively solve problems.  Students are introduced to the unit problem in the first activity and are asked to make connections to the problem throughout the lessons in the unit. Students learn and utilize methods for communicating design ideas through sketches, solid models, and mathematical models. Students will see how models can be simulated to represent an authentic situation and generate data for further analysis and observations. Students will work in teams to identify design requirements and research topics. Teams will design a toy or game for a child with cerebral palsy, fabricate and test it, and make necessary modifications to optimize the design solution.  In addition, students will be introduced to an online 3D modeling program called Tinkercad.  In this course, students will create a keychain using Tinkercad and will print it on a 3D printer. 6th Graders will attend PLTW daily during one quarter of the school year with their Science teacher and class.