The following information is provided as compliance with the American Rescue Plan Act of 2021 (“ARP”) requiring the local education agency (“LEA”) to publically post the planned use of awarded funds.

Perry Township Schools has been awarded $26,547,039.10 in ARP funds.

Student Learning loss funds will be used to support: 

  • A licensed interventionalist at every K-8 school supporting teachers and students in areas of learning loss
  • Additional teams/sections added at the secondary school levels to support class size reduction
  • Additional psychological and behavioral support staff to assist students with social and emotional needs
  • Additional speech/language pathology staff to assist in identifying and supporting the needs of our youngest learners
  • 300+ teachers and staff providing robust K-12 summer school and intersession programs
  • Tutor/translators and other English learner staff to support our EL student participation
  • Nursing staff at all buildings during summer school and intersession programs
  • Bus drivers and monitors providing transportation to remove this barrier of participation
  • Indiana Online Academy credit recovery support for our high school students
  • Compensation to teachers and staff during required periods of quarantine and/or COVID-19 illness
  • Compensation to teachers working outside of the contract day to prepare for lessons and provide student support
  • Substitute staffing to allow for continuous learning when teacher and staff quarantine/absence is necessary
  • Additional curriculum software utilized by students across grade levels to support meeting Indiana Academy Standards

Administrative funds will be used to support: 

  • District-wide HVAC upgrades to improve air quality systems in our buildings
  • Software to assist administration in identifying academic areas of greatest student need and monitor progress toward academic goals
  • District auditing costs